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Founder's Story


My career journey resembles many out there: starting with getting into a field of study because you have the grades to qualify, or because it is regarded as prestigious or better still, “it will get you a good salary!” This is how I embarked on an Accounting career that began with attaining a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a professional accounting qualification (ACCA) in 1995 and 2000, respectively. Because I am a natural hard worker, not only did I excel in my studies, but also excelled at work, and soon found myself in a leadership position. This is when things started to unravel.
I found myself challenged as a leader. Never one to accept defeat, I enrolled in a leadership programme through which I came across the teachings of Dr John C Maxwell. His teachings resounded well with what I wanted to achieve, which led to my pursuing a mentorship relationship with John C Maxwell from February 2009. After five years of continuous mentoring by this well renowned leadership guru, in an “aha moment”, I realised what I was meant to be; this is why it was easy to transition from my accounting career of 17years, to a Transformational Leadership Trainer & Coach for six years now.
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