P i n n a L e a d

We have been manoeuvring the COVID 19 pandemic for over two years now. There is no doubt, we are overstretched financially, emotionally, psychologically, and otherwise. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over how long this would last and be that as it may, “we are not in a dress rehearsal, life is in session,” as my mentor would say.

You have never gone through this before, neither have I, so we are all learning as we go through this. You should therefore not be stuck in trying to understand when this dark cloud over us will clear. Rather, pause more often than you normally do and keep checking if you are one with yourself and if you are still aligned to your course.

Be your own keeper: love yourself, be kind to yourself and encourage yourself by celebrating every day that you go through. Remember, it’s not what happens to you that determines who you ultimately become, it’s what happens in you. Choose to focus your energy on who you are becoming every day, grow through this season to make sure you emerge stronger than you were before.

Until next time, keep learning to keep leading!

Coach Lorato

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