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My Turning Point Towards Self Growth

A few years ago, when I hit the 40year mark, I had to pause and think hard on how the second half of my life should be like. My first half was not bad (according to the societal standards) as I had a good job as CFO and I was earning good monies, that’s a story for another day. But there was something inside of me that was groaning with groanings I could not understand.

I had to make a call, whether to continue with the way things were in the first half and let the thing in me die, or I should jump and make a U-turn to ‘this thing’ in me. I landed on a book titled ‘HALF TIME’ by Bob Buford and the rest is history. The book confirmed to me that I wasn’t crazy, it was time for me to transition from my career to my calling. The book is based on the analogy of a football match and half time is normally the time for teams to make all the necessary changes to make second half of the game better than the first half and win the game.

‘Midlife. Halftime. It doesn’t have to be a time of crisis. It can be a catalyst for purpose, impact , and growth.” ~ Bob Buford.
My second half is exactly that: It’s no longer about how much I earn and what I can do for myself, but how much impact I am having on others.

Coach Lorato Mosetlhanyane Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker.

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