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A Mother as a Leader

One of the greatest qualities of a leader that I admire the most is nurturing: the ability to care, believe in and continuously empower and challenge someone to bring the best out of them. The ability to get them to see what you see in them, believe it and connect with it for miracles to start happening in their lives. A woman conceives the seed of a man and nurture it for a good nine months until it transforms fully into a baby, which a woman would go through severe labor pains to usher into this world.

Once the baby is born, a mother would nurse this child until they are ready to go out and fend for themselves. Even when your child is an adult, your love as a mother would keep bringing you back to check how they are doing and continue to guide and bring them back on track, if they happen to go off course.

A Mother: you are a nurturer, your connection with your child/ children is divine and your love and faith in them is extraordinary. When the world writes off your child, you rise and still call them my child, ‘ngwanake’.

You are a woman, and you are clothed with strength and dignity. Your dignity is a gift from God and should not be determined by the value your children, your husband, the society, and the world at large place in you. Tap into your inner strength woman, stand tall and walk with your head high. Continue to minister love in its purest form, be cheerful about the future and lead this world with compassion to make it a better place for all your children!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  I celebrate and honor your being.

Coach Lorato: a child to my mother,  a mother to my two beautiful children and many other amazing children that the Lord gave me to nurture.

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