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Choosing the right coach!

I get a lot of questions about how to choose the right Coach. The human tendency is to look for someone like you: who sees what you see, like what you like and probably fear what you fear. Such a person will not only understand you but will also understand your limitations and sympathize with your struggles, making you feel heard, but not necessarily helping you get ‘unstuck.’

When I wanted to change my career, I chose a Coach whose background was in chemical engineering. My transition was a huge and scary jump for me, so I needed to be seriously challenged and supported. So, I went for a Coach who valued where I wanted to go, more than my past.

In integral coaching, we don’t coach your problem, we coach you as a person to help you develop capacity to handle even bigger problems in future, should they arise. We therefore work with you in totality and go beyond your role at work.

Therefore, look for someone you are comfortable being vulnerable to, someone who is available, someone you can trust with your life and most importantly, someone who values you and is willing to get you further than where you are.

Once you have identified the Coach, own the coaching agenda, and work towards being the best version of who you can be and not a shadow of your Coach.

Coach Lorato

Your Growth, Our Mission!

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