P i n n a L e a d


I have been talking to several leaders who are apparently overwhelmed, because whenever their team members don’t do what they are supposed to do, they take over and do the work themselves. To unpack this, let’s use the analogy of a soccer team. During a soccer match, the Coach doesn’t get into the pitch to play, but sit on the side of the pitch, read the game, and make all the necessary changes timely, for the team to win the game.

 As a Leader, think of yourself as the Coach, and your team members as the players.  Whenever you take over work from any of your team members, you are demoting yourself from being a Coach, to being a player.  The moment you step into the pitch as a Coach, you will be issued a red card and you will have to leave the pitch immediately.  

 Just think about that for a moment: are you currently available to coach your team to win? Or your team is anxious, divided and confused because as the Coach you are on ‘Red Card?’

 Until next time, be the team Coach, allow all your team members to play, feel part of the team and win together, and watch what that will do to the morale of your team!

 Coach Lorato ( Maano Mosetlhanyane)

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