P i n n a L e a d

We all get angry. But for some people, this basic and powerful human emotion is difficult to manage. We may have trouble expressing anger, or even recognizing it in ourselves. Anger can lead to self-destructive ways that cause frictions in both our work & family relationships.
1.Identify and Validate your emotions : Instead of suppressing your anger, Validate it, you recognize that it’s an understandable reaction, and you permit yourself to feel your natural emotion.
2. Consider Other Perspectives : The initial reaction of anger is a self-centered approach, or a defense mechanism, however as you work on your emotional intelligence you take on a broader perspective of the whole situation. and try to understand rather than attack.
3. Communicate after you have gone through the above two steps and you have cooled down. stay calm and explain yourself without judgement and blaming the other person.

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