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Don’t Allow Your Imperfections to rob you

Don’t allow your imperfections to rob you!

We are all born into this world as perfect gifts, adequately resourced with all we need to run our races. However, as we go through the journey of life, we are not only compared to others, but we are introduced to the notion of good or bad and right or wrong. Our society seem to focus more on the bad and the wrong, making us feel inadequate and programming us to focus more on our dark side than our bright side. As human beings, when we are approached from the dark side, the natural tendency is to defend and cover up so no one can see our vulnerabilities and use them against us. This ends up strengthening our defensive muscles, more than our creative muscles. If I may use the analogy of a football team, it’s like fielding a team with very strong defenders without equally good strikers. I want to invite you this week, to shift your attention from things you are not good at and channel that energy towards things you do well, and see if that will not open you up, to do more and be more. Don’t allow your imperfections to rob you of the gift you are to this world.

Till next Monday, Be in the moment.

Lorato Maano-Mosetlhanyane#PinnaLeadRaisingTheLeadershipLid#mondaymotivation

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