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Don’t Throw the Fish Back in to the Water

I read a story of a fisherman who took his friend with him for fishing. That day was one of his best days as he caught this big fish that left a good impression on his friend about his exceptional fishing skills. To the friend’s surprise, the fisherman threw the catch back into the water. The friend asked in shock why he did that, and the fisherman confidently replied, “it’s too big for my frying pan.”

I see this narrative at play as I interact with more leaders locally and globally. Leaders would reject certain ideas or views, not because they are bad for their organizations, but because they somehow think their authority is being challenged.

Your leadership ability is the lid that determines your leadership effectiveness. If on a scale of 1 to 10, the lid on your leadership ability is at a 6, you cannot effectively lead your organization beyond a 6.

You may also have a challenge leading people with a higher leadership lid than yours. By rejecting such people, it’s like throwing the good catch back into the water because it’s too big for your frying pan. Rather,
– Grow yourself
– Raise your Leadership Lid (your frying pan)
– Grow your organization!
Your leadership effectiveness ultimately determines the size of fish you can fry.

Coach Lorato Mosetlhanyane
Your Growth, Our Mission!

The Law of the Lid is the first law in the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell and its one of the leadership programs we offer at PinnaLead.
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