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Ground Yourself for the Week Ahead

Today I want us to ‘check-in’ together and ground you for the week ahead, by looking at your three centres of operation, being your mind, your heart, and your body.

Starting with your mind: What are you thinking of now? What type of thoughts have been dominating your mind lately? Are they positive thoughts that cause you to jump off your bed in the morning or the reverse?

Secondly your heart: How well are you connected to your internal world of feelings & emotions? Can you describe exactly how you feel now? Do you feel good and excited about life, or you feel scared that you dread the week already?

Lastly your body: where in your body do you feel the build-up of the energy from your different feelings and emotions? Do you feel light and energetic, or you feel tense, and your shoulders are heavy like you were carrying a ton of bricks on your back? How do you help your body to release the energy that doesn’t work for you?

Remember, your thoughts influence how you feel and how you feel determines how you show up. For you to be one with yourself, all your three centres must always be aligned. If one of the centres goes out of alignment, you will experience a breakdown in your system which can manifest in the form of energy leakages, emotional snaps, etc.

To own yourself and take full control of how you show up daily, I invite you from today, to pause every morning and do this ‘check-in.’ Be intentional about the type of thoughts you entertain, as that’s what you will ultimately become.

As James Allan said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Coach Lorato Maano- Mosetlhanyane
Your Personal Professional Integral Coach of Choice ( ICF Accredited)

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