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Growing Pains

It is said “Change is the price of progress”. Remember this week, that to get from where you currently are – to where you aspire to be, you must embrace change because “You cannot improve and avoid change at the same time” John Maxwell. Nobody said it is going to be easy, anticipate and accept the initial discomfort that comes with doing some things for the first time, it will pass. We’ve all been doing something for the first time all our lives; first day at school, work, first relationship, first time speaking in public or growing any life skill really. It always feels uncomfortable initially but with learning and practice comfort sets in and normally that’s a que to advance to the next level and the cycle continues. The risks get bigger, environments get harsher and self-leadership becomes more and more of a necessity. Fearing the discomfort that comes with change is costly, I have missed out on opportunities to learn resilience through sports because growing up I avoided the pains and scratches that came with any sport, I still cannot ride a bicycle because I was told the lesson was in falling. So go ahead, just dare to do something you haven’t done before, you will never be the same as before, if you fail, you would have learnt how not to do it. But what if you succeed? Coach Pinkie #pinnaleadraisingtheleadershiplid#MondayMotivation#leadershipcoachPinkie Sedigeng

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