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Happy International Women’s day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we decided to have a one on one with out Executive Coach, Lorato Mosetlhanyane to find out what makes her the Woman she is today, Who positively impacted her the most in her journey as a Coach and where she finds her greatest source of Motivation.

She gracefully answered the questions and shared her nuggets of leadership with us.

1. Who/what has had the most positive impact you in your journey as a coach?

The person who has impacted me the most in my coaching journey is my Coach, Pastor Balisi Bonyongo, the former Managing Director of Debswana Mining Company. I started working with him a few years into my coaching career and he pressed me and led me to resources within me that I never imagined I have.

Like many people out there, I had so many valid reasons why I couldn’t do most of the things I am doing today and he never for a moment bought into any of my excuses. He kept raising the bar for me and challenged me to a point where I realized my true value and started looking at myself and my business differently, with much boldness and the heart to serve people.

2. What is Your Greatest source of motivation?

My greatest source of motivation is making an impact in one’s life. There is nothing painful like watching a leader in a self-sabotaging drive. If I somehow get them to be aware of where they are and regain their balance and ground, it gives me a great sense of fulfilment.

3. What kind of Legacy would you like to create for women in general?

The kind of legacy I want to leave for women is that of self-confidence and the courage to step out of their self-pity and take their rightful positions in the society. I believe women are naturally gifted with special leadership qualities that help them lead in a unique, caring and very impactful way.

I would like women to believe in themselves and step into the richness of their being and compete based on their strengths, natural giftedness, and capabilities.

Scoring points and getting certain favours based on gender will forever make women victims and I honestly don’t believe that’s who women really are. Women are capable, competent and persistent, they just need to amass the courage and believe they can not only lead, but lead better for the betterment of all.

Thank you and Happy Women’s Day!

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