P i n n a L e a d

I often wondered why it seemed we honor commitments that involve other people and things more than the ones we make to ourselves e.g. Taking the car for service, taking your Under 5 kid for child welfare check-ups or producing the work quarterly report.

Then I realized something in common about these seemingly different things. They are planned and documented somewhere, you may even have a reminder popping up just before their occurrence.

When it comes to our personal commitments, we somehow always assume we will remember and we don’t diarize them along with other important details. We then wonder why we forget, to go for a Health check, to review our growth plan or even miss that conference that we wanted to attend.

A Written plan is not a magic wand that solves all our problems, but it is our first accountability partner. Having those reflection moments in your To – Do list serves as a gentle reminder on the promise you made to yourself.
The moment you write down your thoughts and plans, there is certain clarity that comes, like a well-organized closet. It becomes a little easier to know what to keep and what to discard, where to slot things in your schedule, monitor what’s working and what’s not and in the event of having a breakthrough you can track it.

Documenting our growth plans is just one of those simple deliberate, intentional, and practical systems that you should maintain. Does it guarantee you will honor the commitments you make to yourself? Not always, but it’s a starting point that you can add other measures to in the process and it will take a bit of consistency for you to really see the benefit. 

You don’t just quit taking your car for service or preparing the quarterly report because you once forgot, you simply improve your system to do it better next time. So, how has documenting your personal plans helped in your growth journey? 

Pinkie S.
Lorato Mosetlhanyane

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