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Keep Moving to Realise Your Dreams

In 2013 I transitioned from my accounting profession of 17years, to embark on a new journey as a Coach, Leadership Trainer & Speaker. Several years into my accounting career, I got bored and changed jobs twice, only to realise that it was nothing to do with the jobs, but about me not being fulfilled by what I was doing. I then decided to do an MBA so I could branch from the traditional accounting function to a more exciting business role. During my MBA studies, I was introduced to coaching, a concept I fell in love with immediately and decided to explore further from 2010 until the professional level in 2016.

The decision to transition, was a result of a series of steps which were my response to the level of discomfort I experienced along my journey. Eight years into my new world, I am glad I kept moving even when I wasn’t sure about what I wanted, until I landed on the path I am on today.

I am not sharing this to impress you, but to impress upon you that the moment there is tension within you, about what you are doing, it’s a call for action.

Leading yourself doesn’t mean having all the answers and making the right decisions all the time, it’s about making decisions and managing them daily to make sure they are taking you in the direction you want to go.

Remember: the choices you make, make you: choose to be on the move and the plan will unfold and become clearer along the way! As you maneuver the unknown territory, focus on who you are becoming and not on the destination.

Coach Lorato

Your Personal Growth Partner!

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