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In Today’s PinnaLead Inspirational Leader”s Feature, meet Mr Kagiso Dichi. We are certain that his wisdom and life story will inspire you as you continue working on your professional and personal growth.

1.What are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?
True LEADERS are visionary men and women; perceptive, and inspiring, goal driven, clinically focused, intuitive, attentive to detail and able to instill a cult-like passion for performance in the organisation without intimidation. These men and women subordinate their personal interests to the success of the team; they are humble but assertive, they have strong personal values and will not trade them off for profit, because integrity is not a tradable commodity to them. For these leaders, people are not “resources”, they are individuals that must be acknowledged for what they are.

2. How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?
Everyday I reflect on the principles, and values that guide some of the world’s greatest leaders and try to absorb at least one thing about them. I have come to understand though, that to be as successful as they are, I need to nurture both my hard and soft skills. This means investing in myself and reading various literature relevant to whatever quality, character or skill I need to develop. I have had to earnestly reflect on myself and acknowledge that I am naturally lazy, procrastinating, and ill disciplined. To overcome this, is a journey and one that I can only finish by having more focused people around me. I have also developed a reading habit and have, by now, built quite a library as I soak in the life changing instructions from these great pioneers.

3. What are you most proud of?
As a teenager, one of my friends once said, “I pray that when I die, at least one person will be able to say I changed his life”. That profound declaration became my purpose and mission in life; to change someone else’s life. I look back at my life journey and cannot be more proud to see some of the young men and women I have mentored being where they are on the success ladder. They have become more important, while I have become less important, and there is no greater joy in life than this. I must say, I am where I am because someone believed in my competence and skills; they had a dream and vision for me, and now, I have the privilege to pass this same gift onto others. An therefore to all our principalities, rulers and authorities out there, I encourage that you see things beyond your personal gains and you will build legacies that will benefit generations to come.

Kagiso Dichi has an accounting background with a Masters in Strategic Management and has been in the commercial banking sector since 2000. His professional journey covers personal Financial Consultancy, Product Development, Portfolio Management, Business Engineering.
Kagiso Dichi
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