P i n n a L e a d

John C Maxwell says, “leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less.” This influence talks of among other attributes nurturing, having faith in your followers, listening, understanding, empowering, and reproducing other leaders.

As a Mother you carried a child for nine months with so much faith and believed they will amount to something bigger & better than you. You protected them, nurtured them, listened to them & chose to understand them even when nothing they were up to made sense to you.

You released your children as perfect gifts to this world. Some made it and for that moment, you enjoyed the accolades. Some of your children turned out nowhere near what you anticipated, but being a mother, you didn’t have many options but to still love them in your brokenness.

You empowered & encouraged when you were discouraged yourself, you provided hope when you couldn’t find the way and comforted when you were hurting yourself. You continue to love and provide for your children, not because you have everything in abundance, but out of the richness of who you are, A MOTHER!

At PinnaLead we recognize & celebrate the Leader you Are, a natural born leader. Happy Mother’s Day!

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