P i n n a L e a d

My Reckoning

Owning my growth has not been an easy task . It has challenged me to look myself in the mirror to identify my strengths and weaknesses . I have had to dig a little deeper to discover my blind spots. This brought me to the reckoning that my current status is a by-product of the sum of my choices.

It would be so much easier and tempting to blame others for where I am but it would not help me get better. It just temporarily soothes my insecurities.

John Maxwell says “your biggest mistake is not asking what mistakes you are making”. On the other hand the idea is not to beat myself up and self condemn as that does not help me in any way.

As I become aware of my strengths and weakness, it is upon me to accept and embrace myself, to find ways to make the most of my strengths and make it a daily choice to work on my weaknesses.

Wouldn’t it be great to just flip a switch and make all the dark spots go away? But then again, wouldn’t I miss out on the lessons learnt along the way?

I have discovered that the most prudent thing to do in this situation is for me to continue to embrace the process. I endeavour to consistently move forward. Reminding myself to quickly get back up whenever I fall and seek for help when things become unbearable.

I allow myself to celebrate any progress I make while ensuring that quitting doesn’t become a habitual option.

Let’s keep moving forward

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