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New Year, New Habits, New Results!

We are all excited as we enter the year 2023. Most of us start the year on a high note and come up with exciting new year resolutions, which we write down on paper, but fail to engrave in our minds so we can sustain whatever we start. 

Before long into the year, the excitement dies down and we go back to our old habits, yet we expect 2023 to be different from prior years. 

The human mind unfortunately, is not a machine, so you can not hit the “delete” button to do away with the old habits. You have to record a new tape and present it to your mind to replace the old one. 

Do not change your work plan and expect different results. Change your mind to accept and embody the new behaviors and turn them into your new habits and that’s only when you can expect different results. 

Coach Lorato 
Your Personal Professional Certified Coach (ICF) 

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