P i n n a L e a d

Personal Growth is Divine

As I continue to grow in my leadership journey, I look at life differently from the way I used to. Most things that meant the whole world to me and ranked very high in my priority list, don’t really matter to me anymore. I have grown to understand and accept that life is not about me, and it happens whether I am consciously involved or not. So, I’ve made peace with embracing my being, and decided to focus my energy on drawing life lessons from every experience along the way!

Think about it: that thing that keeps you tossing and turning at night, is it really that important in your life, or its your perception about its importance that’s troubling you?

Bet on yourself: embark on your personal growth journey and you will be amazed at how your perception about life will change over time and liberate you. Life is beautiful and its beauty lies in growing through it and continuously differentiating between your perception and the reality.

Let’s enjoy this growth journey together.

Coach Lorato Maano – Mosetlhanyane

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