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Protect Your Present from Your Past!


We are a sum of all our past experiences, both good and bad.
For Example, If you grew up in an unfriendly environment, where you were probably manipulated, threatened, or ill-treated, anything that appears to bring back your history, triggers you.

If your default reaction is to fight, you are good when things are ok, but may show signs of extreme anger, agitation or even violence when you perceive an attack towards you.

Next time something happens that rubs you the wrong way, before you strangle anyone, I invite you to pause and reflect on whether you are triggered by the issue at hand or you are “unconsciously” protecting yourself from your past.

The amount of emotional baggage you carry, limits your capacity to deal with your present. Heal from your past, improve your self-awareness and be a pleasure to be around.

Remember, self-awareness is the first step to Personal Mastery.

Lorato Mosetlhanyane

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