P i n n a L e a d


I never used to read anything except my school text books. I remember back during our varsity days, my best friend who was my room mate then, used to read a lot of novels (very thick ones) and I couldn’t be bothered.

I started reading when I joined the John Maxwell Team program in 2011. When I started reading, it was so difficult and I’d set my clock to exactly 15minutes. At times it was so long that I’d even check the clock to see how many more minutes I still had to read.

I pushed myself and now there are books that I can’t put down once I open them, I can read until early hours of the morning. It is so much part of me that I can’t sleep peacefully without reading something, it feels like I’m robbing myself of something precious.

I read widely including but not limited to personal growth, human development & behaviour, leadership, business, faith etc . Reading stimulates my passion for what I am doing and help me to stay fresh, relevant, confident and to be ready in and out of season. 

Read daily until it becomes part of who you are!

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