P i n n a L e a d
  • Leadership Training & Workshops
  • Leadership Competency & Personality Assessments
  • Coaching (One-on-One & Groups)
  • Team Building & Dynamics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management

Leadership Training & Workshops

We offer a wide range of leadership development services for different levels of leadership covering four main areas being:

Self-Leadership & leadership teams
Dream Building & Achieving

Leadership Competency & Personality Assessments

(DISC, Integrative Enneagram, Five Lenses of Human Development)

Leadership starts with self and the foundation of leadership is self-awareness. We use a number of leadership assessment tools to help our clients understand themselves more and also to understand their teams.

Coaching (One-On-One & Groups)

We call our work integral because we include everything about the client
and the client’s world in our coaching.

Our coaching method attends to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which they are always embedded. Our individuality includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is happening to us physiologically. Our social context includes the language(s) we speak, the culturally specific practices we engage in, the relationships we are a part of and the history of the groups we belong to.

Team Building & Dynamics

Our team effectiveness and building interventions seek to address the challenges of a group in an engaging, fun and inclusive way, being respectful of the dynamics that exist in the group.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has five components which includes Self-Awareness, Motivation, Social skills, Empathy, Self-regulation.

Change Management

Through this offer, clients get to explore looking at working actions, and environmental issues that limit one’s ability to change their minds. It presents and makes the valued attendees aware of common barriers to change, afterwards given knowledge & equipped on how to develop a high performing team.