P i n n a L e a d


As we grow in leading ourselves, life presents us with choices to make along the way, some easy and others tough. Being Intentional about growth suggests that you recognize such as opportunities to practice “The law of Tradeoffs”, exchanging something of value for another that is considered more valuable.
It could be as simple as making a tradeoff between spending hours watching your favourite TV series and taking an online course to grow or a tradeoff between sleeping for an extra 45 minutes and exercise to improve your health. It could be as massive as taking a less paying job to spend more time with family.
When you have identified your area of growth, do anticipate having to give up some good things to gain better things toward the direction of your Dreams.
So, my dear friend what is the price of your next level? What trades do you need to make for
the growth you want to achieve? I know I have to trade security for significance!
Coach PS

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