P i n n a L e a d

Strengthen your spirit for days ahead!

Hello my Leader and a Happy Monday from Coach LM.

We are surely going through the toughest time of our lives as we are no longer getting statistics of COVID 19 deaths, but now seeing pictures of people we know, people we have lived with and people we love all over social media tagged ‘RIP.’ Most, if not all of us are now experiencing the trauma from this scourge directly and indirectly. Our homes have turned into isolation centers as the number of infections continue to rise. Schools are closed, and our children are growing anxious by the day from being confined to their houses as the situation doesn’t allow them to visit their friends or even go watch their favorite movies. The energy that’s flowing in our homes now is not conducive at all. Be that as it may, the reality is most of us work from these homes and must or are expected to produce results, as this virus is not budging. As my mentor will say, you are a spirit being, blessed with a soul, living in a physical body. To stay fully alive in this season, you must be intentional about continuously fueling and strengthening your spirit by influencing the atmosphere around you, do not leave it to chance, never! It could be by listening to that song, that poem or that sermon, watching your favorite TV program or doing something light that occupies your mind and help it from running away with you and even planning your funeral while you are still alive. Self-love and self-preservation are the most critical. To keep myself grounded and build my spiritual muscles which cultivates my emotional resilience, I read a lot of self-help books, I meditate on positive and wholehearted living, and pray more now than before. I am more particular and highly selective about what I watch, listen to, and engage in as a way of protecting my emotional wellbeing. I know and appreciate very well that we are different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. I’m inviting you to take full ownership and responsibility for your environment as we maneuver this pandemic. Finally, if you are not coping, reach out for help, it’s not a sign of weakness as some people believe, it’s a sign of self-love, courage, and maturity. Till next Monday, Remain grounded!


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