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The Impact Of The Love Of My Father In My Life

Its exactly 20years since my father departed this earth and his memories are still fresh like he departed yesterday. My father was very loving, engaging, we were best of friends, and though we used to argue a lot, I treasured every moment with him. He worked for the Cooperative Union and his work moved him from one place to another.  We stayed with our mother most of the time and visited our father for those few weeks during the school holidays. So, time spent with a father is always precious, nothing compares to it.

After retirement, my father went home and started running a small general dealer. Every time I was home, we will spend the day together at the shop. He will make me cook fat cakes

(magwinya) for the shop. This time I was already at an advanced stage of my career. I still remember my Polo Classic parked next to the shop, while I cooked the fat cakes. If my father was still alive, I’m sure even today i will still cook those fat cakes.  Looking back, I can see that the love of a father will cause one to do anything to spend time with daddy and mostly to make him proud.

Whenever I was home, in the evenings, while my siblings went out to socialize, I will stay behind with my father, and we will read the bible together. During my varsity time, I went to church almost every Sunday and I did it mostly to make my father happy, and because I was a good girl, pocket money was never a big deal.

My father didn’t have lots of money, but he created quality time for his children, and he taught us life lessons we still live by today. I am a businesswoman today because my father introduced me to the real business world. I am a farmer, because my father would take us with him to the cattle post and every Christmas, he will slaughter a cow and we will come together to celebrate with friends and relatives, something we still do today, two decades after his departure. I am a Pastor today because my father, who was an Evangelist, introduced me to God and his precepts.

To all the fathers out there, do not underestimate the impact of your love on your children. Be present in their lives, engage them in what you do, create great memories with them, just where you are. Your love will give them a strong sense of belonging, which will create a solid foundation that will help their identity and boost their self-esteem. Children who know who they are and don’t struggle with self-esteem issues make great leaders who will carry your legacy forever.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!

Coach Lorato Maano- Mosetlhanyane

Your Personal Professional Certified Coach (ICF) of Choice

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