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The Know-Do Gap!

Our efforts towards personal growth become most fruitful when we make things happen rather than wait for them to happen. More often than not “our biggest problem is not lack of knowledge but lack of action”, it’s true almost in every facet of life globally and at an individual level. Since I became intentional about personal growth this has become one of the key pointers for me.

It’s not about how much knowledge you and I accumulate ( reading more books, listening to more teachings, attending more workshops) BUT it’s more what we do with the accumulated knowledge that makes transformation possible.

Knowledge translation is possible when the objective of knowledge acquisition is clear. What do you hope to achieve by reading that book? Taking up that course? How will you know that it has made a difference?

In the process of collecting the info, keep asking yourself, what have I learnt that I can start applying to my life , what do I need to change and what can I transfer to others? Then go ahead and execute the plan of action.

Its not every piece of information that’s going to be useful immediately but what you find applicable, start putting to use immediately and consistently.

Pinkie Sedigeng
Lorato Maano-Mosetlhanyane

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