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Veld Fire vs Sacred Fire

I have been following reports of veld fires that have been raging some parts of Kgalagadi and this past week I learnt about a Lodge in the Transfrontier Park that was completely destroyed by these veld fires. This somehow caught my attention & I couldn’t stop thinking about the trauma to the people in that area, the animals and the destruction of the ecosystem caused by these veld fires.

Flashback: I grew up during an era where electricity was not a common household utility like today and fire was the most treasured thing. Fire was not only a source of light but was the main source of energy as it was used to cook the most-needed family meals. Fire was also the glue that held families together as the fireplace was where families gathered in the evenings and bonded with one another. It’s horrifying how something so sacred as fire, can also be that destructive, if it’s not contained and controlled.

As a leader, there is no doubt, you want things to move and make a mark that can never be erased. Depending on how strong the fire that burn in your bones is, you may unconsciously show up as a veld fire and unknowingly destroy some people around you. How about adopting the narrative of leading as a “Sacred Fire? Be that source of light and provide direction for your people in these dark days. Create a warm & conducive environment where people are comfortable around you, work well together, challenge and hold one another accountable.

Your success as a leader can never be measured by the number of people you fire or destroy, but it’s measured by the number of people you take under your wing, nurture, grow & release as leaders.

Lead as a Sacred Fire: Control yourself, strive to leave a Legacy and not casualties!

Coach Lorato

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