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There are four different types of people when it comes to personalities: Dominant, Inspirational, Supportive, and Cautious personalities. (D-I-S-C)

The dominant personality is motivated by being in power and control. They take charge easily, but their fear of vulnerability can cause them to appear authoritative and overbearing.

The inspirational personality uses their charm to create the world they want to live in, where there is fun, and everybody is happy. Their biasness towards the lighter side of life, however, can cause them to be easily excitable and to lose focus.

The supportive personality thrives well in peaceful & harmonious environments. Their fear of rejection can however cause them to be submissive and to be on the fence at times, causing them to appear weak and not sure of their story.

The cautious personality does well in environments where they are challenged, so they can continuously draw from their deep intellectual resources. Their fear of being underestimated can cause them to be aloof and obstinate.

None of the personalities is good, bad or better than the other, they are simply different, and all have strengths and weaknesses.

Your personality defines the lens through which you view the world, so whatever personality you are, embrace yourself and develop capacity to value & work efficiently with other personalities.

Trying to be someone else will not only cause you to lose the true essence of who you really are but can cause you to lose yourself. Know yourself to grow yourself!

Coach Lorato

Your Personal Growth Partner & D-I-S-C Accredited Practitioner!

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